Zero Waste Cookbook (CN)

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Zero Waste Cookbook (CN)
Type: Handbook
Year: 2023
Language: Chinese
Country: China
Pride On Our Plates

The SWITCH-Asia Pride on our Plates project is taking action to address food waste by promoting the concept of "zero-waste cooking" and encouraging consumers to change their habits. As part of these efforts, the project has released the Zero Waste Cookbook that includes creative recipes from respected culinary professionals, restaurant managers, culinary students, and food enthusiasts from all backgrounds in China. The book features over 40 dishes that utilize commonly leftover ingredients, such as roots, stems, leaves, fruits, meat, aquatic products, and grains. These recipes are perfect for home cooking, restaurants, and banquets, and each one includes a comprehensive list of primary and supporting ingredients, as well as a step-by-step guide on preparing the dish.