Policy Support Component


Support Asia, the Middle-East and the Pacific to adopt sustainable production and consumption patterns in line with Paris Agreement commitments, SDGs, EU Green Deal and Global Gateway strategies.

Based in Bangkok, the Policy Support Component (PSC) works in 42 countries, spanning from the Middle East, to Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The SWITCH-Asia PSC builds on the SWITCH-Asia programme's long and successful track record of providing technical assistance. It links with the SWITCH-Asia grants component and connects with the regional EU Delegations (EUDs)’ programmes and priorities. Its mandate is to foster cooperation, strengthen networking and build a platform for exchange on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the region. It thereby supports the region’s governments in addressing the triple planetary crises and meeting international commitments, including the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.





Capacity building on SCP policy options and progress on SDG 12

Support countries in mainstreaming SCP policies and improving progress monitoring and implementation by analysis, advisory and networking
SCP integration into NDCs and compliance with multilateral environmental and climate change-related agreements

Provide expertise and implement projects aligning the SCP and climate commitments and enhancing target countries’ understanding and progress on international agreements
SCP awareness raising, EU policy alignment and partnership building

Strengthen the profile and increasing the momentum of the SCP agenda in the region by sharing experiences of relevant EU strategies and connecting people and organisations
Stakeholders engagement, communication and knowledge management

Increase knowledge and understanding of the benefits offered by SCP in the region, and encourage consumers/citizens to change attitudes and take action towards cleaner production, responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyles