Model Green Factory Program in Cambodia

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Model Green Factory Program in Cambodia
Type: Guide
Year: 2024
Language: English, Khmer
Country: Cambodia
Switch Garment

The Model Green Factory Program (MGFP) was developed by the EU funded SWITCH-Asia Switch Garment project as a regulatory guideline document and a voluntary supporting tool to Textile, Apparel, Footwear & Travel Goods Association in Cambodia (TAFTAC) member factories for going green. MGFP aims at guiding factories in the garment industry to become greener by introducing sustainable energy interventions, sustainable waste management, gender, and social inclusion. 

Chapter 1 of the guideline offers a comprehensive introduction to the Model Green Factory Program (MGFP). This chapter lays the groundwork for the program by detailing the key challenges that sustainable energy interventions aim to address in the garment sector. It also outlines the overall goal of the program and the methodology employed to achieve this goal.

Chapter 2 delves into the overall implementation mechanism of the MGFP. Starting with the principles of implementation, this chapter provides a detailed breakdown of all the phases and associated activities. It elaborately discusses the key indicators for each phase, ensuring ease of reference for the participating factories. Additionally, the application and certification process of the MGFP is thoroughly examined.

Chapter 3 offers an in-depth view of the Monitoring, Reporting, and Evaluation (MRV) framework of the MGFP. It details how TAFTAC will monitor the progress of the participating factories against the set indicators for each phase of the program.

Chapter 4 introduces typical sustainable energy conservation measures and best practices in the garment industry, drawing on experiences from 50 energy audits conducted under the Switch Garment project. The chapter explains energy conservation measures for various industry utility and process systems, along with indicative investment ranges.