Green Building Guidelines Through the Building Lifecycle and Value Chain

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Green Building Guidelines Through the Building Lifecycle and Value Chain
Year: 2022
Language: English, Russian
Country: Kyrgyzstan

The built environment sector has a vital role to play in responding to the climate emergency. For buildings currently responsible for about half of the global final energy consumption, decarbonisation of the sector is one of the most cost-effective ways to mitigate the worst effects of climate breakdown. In addition, more than half of global raw materials are used for buildings and broader construction. Over one third (35%) of total generated waste comes from the construction and demolition of built structures, and over one-third of drinking water is consumed by building occupants and building services. Buildings thus leave a major environmental footprint and generate about 39% of global carbon emissions,  including 28% of CO2 emissions during the operation stage, and another 11% of embodied carbon arising from the energy used to produce materials and during the construction stage. 

The objectives of these Guidelines are to address the gaps in capacity and knowledge among Kyrgyz market players and policy makers with respect to green buildings and building sustainability. These Guidelines will also help raise both the awareness and the capacities of the targeted audience by providing practical advice for introducing building sustainability concepts throughout the lifecycle of a building – from the concept and development stage through construction and operation, terminating with end of life with demolition of the buildings and remediation of the building site.