Scoping Study on SCP in ASEAN

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Scoping Study on SCP in ASEAN
Year: 2021
Language: English
Country: Multi-country
Inputs to the Development of the ASEAN SCP Framework

This Scoping study on SCP in ASEAN: Inputs to the Development of the ASEAN SCP Framework was prepared with support from the European Union through the SWITCH-Asia programme in partnership with UNEP and APRSCP, and was developed in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat and member states. The Study presents progress on sustainable consumption and production (SDG12) and how the latter has fostered regional development through cooperation among member states. It highlights the need for synergies when promoting SCP in the region and a set of key priorities and nodes of action are proposed, including: policy approaches, technology innovation and capacity building, market mechanisms and public awareness. The assessment was conducted to investigate common challenges and opportunities member states are facing when mainstreaming SCP. This work will serve as a practical guide to build an effective and holistic ASEAN SCP Framework and enhance the progress towards the 2030 Agenda, with an intention to benefit policy planning and making, at both the national and regional levels.