EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles

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EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles
Year: 2022
Language: English
Creating a greener textiles sector

The Strategy lays out a forward-looking set of actions:

  • Set design requirements for textiles to make them last longer, easier to repair and recycle
  • Introduce clearer information on textiles and a digital product passport
  • Empower consumers and tackle greenwashing by ensuring the accuracy of companies’ green claims
  • Stop overproduction and overconsumption, and discourage the destruction of unsold or returned textiles 
  • Harmonise EU Extender Producer Responsibility rules for textiles and economic incentives to make products more sustainable
  • Address the unintentional release of microplastics from synthetic textiles
  • Address the challenges from the export of textile waste  adopt an EU Toolbox against counterfeiting by 2023
  • Publish a transition pathway by the end of 2022 - an action plan for actors in the textiles ecosystem to successfully achieve the green and digital transitions and increase its resilience).

Official website: https://environment.ec.europa.eu/strategy/textiles-strategy_en