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Scaling up of Ethical BioTrade Initiatives within Phytopharmaceutical Sector in Vietnam

The Challenge

Vietnam has a large resource of natural ingredients which can be used as raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. However, the supply is dwindling and Vietnam has to import large volumes of raw materials. Ninety-five percent of traditional Vietnamese remedies rely on this natural resource base with an annual production of up to 40,000 tonnes. A weak regulatory framework on natural resource extraction, combined with ineffective management of natural resources, lack of incentives for smallholders to harvest forest products sustainably, and weak linkages between supply chain actors contribute to the situation.

The Objectives

The project aims at upscaling the sustainable Ethical Biotrade (EBT) business model to the Natural Ingredient (NI) sector and making Vietnam an internationally recognised supplier of NI to phyto pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplement industries.

The Way Forward

  • Strengthening a group of leading 12 small and medium-sized phyto-pharmaceutical enterprises to supply national and international markets with EBT products;
  • Stimulating national and international consumer demand for BioTrade products from Vietnam;
  • Supporting more than 5,000 smallholder farmers and collectors to increase their livelihoods through EBT value chains and stable supplies to EBT enterprises;
  • Conducting environmental and energy assessments with the assistance of Vietnam Cleaner Production Center;
  • Investments in green and modern equipment/technology;
  • Communicating and promoting values and benefits of EBT compliant phyto-pharmaceutical products;
  • Monitor Ethical BioTrade standard and share the results with stakeholders;
  • Conducting a policy dialogue and enable sustainable growth of the phyto-pharmaceutical sector based on EBT standard.



4/2016 – 9/2020
Total Budget:
EUR 2,063,357 (EU Contribution: 77.54%)
Contact Detail:


Mr. Tuan, Nguyen Dinh

Project Manager

[email protected]

Helvetas Vietnam 


Centre for Rural Economy Development (CRED)

Centre for Rural Economy Development (CRED)