Reducing Plastic Bag Waste

Reducing Plastic Bag Waste
Reducing plastic bag waste in major cities of Cambodia

The Challenge

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and harmful to human health and to the environment. However, despite the environmental damage, highly visible throughout Cambodia, plastic bags remain popular due to their convenience: they are waterproof, lightweight, disposable, and affordable. As a result, they are used in Cambodia in a wide range of situations and sectors, from transporting solids and liquids, to direct consumption, to storing and packaging.

The Objectives

The project promotes sustainable growth and environmental sustainability in the country by changing consumption patterns and consumer behaviours to reduce plastic bag use and waste in major Cambodian cities.

The Way Forward

  • Conducting market research prior to the making of action plan for media and interpersonal communication campaign;
  • Introducing incentive schemes for consumers. This activity will take place in supermarkets and markets in the three cities, within those entities that have signed Voluntary Codes of Practice (VCP);
  •  Drafting of guidelines for the design of alternative packaging products and systems;
  • Conception of alternative packaging products;
  • Training of local SMEs involved in the production of alternative packaging;
  • Creation and strengthening of early adopters’ groups of SMEs;
  • Introducing incentives for vendors/SMEs;
  • Drafting of guidelines to support the implementation of the prospective national law.



3/2014 – 2/2017
Total Budget:
EUR 1,341,033.46 (EU contribution: 90%)
Contact Detail:

Mr. Fabio Moni

[email protected]

Via Lazzaretto 3

20124 Milano, Italy

Lead Partners

Fondazione ACRA (ACRA)

Fondazione ACRA (ACRA)


Department of Environment - Phnom Penh Municipality (DoEPP)

Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)